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It’s 1890 and your group was hired to give the lighthouse crew a much-needed break from their isolation. You find the old crew is missing and the lighthouse has been vandalized. The head keeper has left behind some crazy notes. The sun is setting fast and a nor’easter is blowing in. Can you get the lighthouse working in time to keep the ships off of Diamond Shoals?


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It’s 1918 and the Spanish Flu rages. More of our young soldiers are dying in sickbeds than in the trenches in Europe. You just received a telegram from your neighbor, a mysterious reclusive doctor. He writes he has been working on a Spanish Flu vaccine in Washington DC and just confirmed batch # 7 works. A batch is in his lab and he asks you to deliver it to a doctor who is waiting at the train station to inoculate a group of local boys who are leaving for boot camp in an hour. There’s a problem! The doctor’s assistant uses a strange security system to keep his boss’s work safe and he can’t be reached. Can you figure out the security system and deliver the vaccine in time?

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