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Can you find your departed uncle's will granting you all his riches? You only have an hour before all the property is auctioned off. If you aren't careful you might learn some Hatteras history as you tackle the challenges your eccentric uncle has set for you. Finders Keepers is great for larger groups.



It’s 1897 and your group was hired to give the lighthouse crew a much-needed break from their isolation. You find the old crew is missing and the lighthouse has been vandalized. The head keeper has left behind some crazy notes. The sun is setting fast and a nor’easter is blowing in. Can you get the lighthouse working in time to keep the ships off of Diamond Shoals?


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It’s 1918 and the Spanish Flu rages. More of our young soldiers are dying in sickbeds than in the trenches in Europe. You just received a telegram from your neighbor, a mysterious reclusive doctor. He writes he has been working on a Spanish Flu vaccine in Washington DC and just confirmed batch # 7 works. A batch is in his lab and he asks you to deliver it to a doctor who is waiting at the train station to inoculate a group of local boys who are leaving for boot camp in an hour. There’s a problem! The doctor’s assistant uses a strange security system to keep his boss’s work safe and he can’t be reached. Can you figure out the security system and deliver the vaccine in time?

What the people say:

Proud of our brilliant Escapers


Most people think escape rooms are just a challenge to find clues and open a door. We believe it's different. At Escape Hatteras, we begin with stories. Those stories can transport you to another place and time.

Our rooms are not only ideal for rainy days and evenings, they are an experience that will become part of your wonderful Hatteras memories.

Book your adventure online. When you arrive at the scheduled time you’ll be greeted by a host who will brief you on how the escape rooms work and on your particular adventure scenario.

To “win”, your team must accomplish the goal in the allotted time using three or less clues that your host can provide. Win or not, we’ve never seen a team that hasn't had great fun taking on the challenges.

You can never tell how the game will go or who on the team will break the next code or find the missing clue. You'll just have to try and see for yourself!


Depending on how passionate you are about solving puzzles and mysteries, or how much you

want to focus on having a team experience, you can take on this adventure with 2 to 10

participants (minimum of 4 adults needed for Finders Keepers).

So far, teams of 4+ have the best results but experienced couples have really rocked!


Our Rooms are designed to be fun for all and will nudge you to be creative. They’re team and

family-friendly. Kids of about 12 and over are effective in joining the action.

For adults, we recommend bringing out the kid inside for a great experience. This will be



A tough question!

The Spanish Flu. For first-timers and those with less experience, we recommend starting here. The action plays out step-by-step with minimal chaos and many rookies progress quite far. Experienced escape roomers will enjoy the logical sequence and consistent theme.

The Crazy Keeper is more challenging for most. It can be a bit more chaotic than the Spanish Flu supporting some parallel actions. This is a fully immersive experience with really fun and innovative challenges requiring careful attention to the details. However, there is nothing to prevent first-timers from doing very well and having a blast!

Finders Keepers supports larger groups (4 to 10). Success depends on good communications and team work. Thinking “out-of-the-box” and knowing when to split the team to handle different/ parallel challenges will get you far.


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